Securing All Signatures in Your Application

The signature of the applicant assures The Ontario Mental Health Foundation (OMHF) that the applicant:

  • has provided accurate information that is consistent with institutional policies;
  • accepts the terms and conditions for the OMHF application and for any grant or award that may result;
  • authorizes the OMHF and the sponsoring institution to release to each other scientific, administrative or personal information pertaining to the application, or the funds awarded as a result of the application; and
  • has not been barred from applying to any other research funding organization due to a breach of standards of ethics or integrity.

Signatures from institutional administrative officers certify to the OMHF that the sponsoring institution will:

  • administer any grant or award received as a result of the application according to OMHF policies;
  • accept responsibility for withholding OMHF grant funds until it has issued the required ethical approvals (which will be indicated on the signed Facesheet when the application is submitted);
  • investigate using appropriate procedures any allegations of conduct inconsistent with OMHF policies in connection with any application of funds;
  • report the results of any investigation that concludes an applicant or grantee has infringed OMHF policies to the OMHF; and
  • provide any infrastructure and support.

If a signature of a co-investigator is missing from the Facesheet, the OMHF will not assume his or her agreement to participate in the research project.