Peer Review Process

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation reviews all applications for scientific merit and relevance to its objectives through:

  • the Grants Committee, which reviews, ranks and makes recommendation on grants to the OMHF Board of Directors; and
  • the Fellowships Committee, which oversees applications for fellowships and studentships.

For all research applications, the Committee solicits input from external referees. Once the review process is completed and the results are made public, all applicants, except for applicants for studentships, receive an edited version of the reviews. 

To receive a favourable rating, your application must:

  • make the case that your proposed work addresses an important mental health problem/issue that is amenable to scientific research; also point out how your work relates to the mission and objectives of the OMHF;
  • provide an excellent scholarly presentation of theoretical and empirical foundations of your proposed work;
  • clearly state the specific research questions you propose to answer; if hypotheses will be tested, they must be clearly articulated and well grounded in existing knowledge and theory;
  • clearly describe your methods and justify their aptness;
  • state how your proposed work contributes to knowledge, policy development or practice; and envision the most exciting result that could come from its successful execution and briefly explain that result's value and potential benefits;
  • clearly set out and justify your budget;
  • reflect the highest standards of compliance concerning the ethics of research with human or animal subjects; your consent forms must be acceptable to the Committee; and
  • show that you have available to you the human and material resources needed to carry out the work successfully.

The OMHF will consider all complete and timely applications. Internal reviewers, following a preliminary review, may determine that an application is seriously deficient or noncompetitive. Should this occur, we will send the applicant an edited version of the written reviews, but the Committee will not discuss your application in detail at its annual review meeting.