Copyright & Patents

The ownership of, and all rights to, all industrial and intellectual property that may be generated from activities that the OMHF funds have supported in whole or in part will be determined by the policy of the sponsoring institution receiving an award, provided there is an established policy relating to industrial and intellectual property, and that policy is acceptable to the OMHF.

However, if the sponsoring institution receiving an award has no established policy or if its policy is not satisfactory to the OMHF, the following policy relating to industrial and intellectual property will apply:

  1. All such industrial and intellectual property will belong to the OMHF. The exceptions to this are set out in (4) and (5) below.
  2. The OMHF has the right to require that grant recipients make applications for patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., relating to any industrial and intellectual property; and that the necessary assignment of any right be made for this purpose.
  3. The OMHF will not recognize individual interest in any industrial or intellectual property. Any proceeds from such property arising from sale, royalty, licenses or otherwise will belong to the OMHF. The OMHF will devote these proceeds to the promotion of research in the field of mental health preferably, though not necessarily, in the originating institution.
  4. If the OMHF decides not to seek patents, trademarks, etc., relating to any industrial or intellectual property, it will, on the request of the institution, release its interest in this property.
  5. The copyright in any book or scientific publication will belong to the author, subject only to the following:
  • The OMHF has the right to review any writing before publication, to determine if any rights to industrial or intellectual property will be prejudiced by the publication.
  • The OMHF will have a royalty-free license to reproduce any extract from copyrighted material, in any publication it has sponsored. The OMHF may also publish content from the submitted Progress Report or Final Report.