Appeals Process

The sole basis for an appeal of any OMHF funding decision is improper procedure. The function of the Appeal Process is not to adjudicate scientific disagreements among applicants and peer reviewers; it is to ensure that all applications are reviewed following established and published procedures. The sole remedy of a successful appeal of an OMHF decision will be an amendment to OMHF procedures.

Should you wish to make an appeal of a grant, fellowship or other funding decision, you must notify the Executive Director in writing within 10 days of your receipt of notification of the funding decision. Your written appeal must cite the specific decision and include a brief statement of the procedural defect giving rise to the appeal.

The Executive Director will review your claim and the procedures followed in reaching the specific decision, and where applicable will consult with the Chair of the relevant committee to determine if OMHF procedures were appropriately applied. The applicant will be notified by letter by the Executive Director of the result of this review within 30 days of receipt of your letter of appeal.

Should an appeal of the Executive Director’s decision be requested, this review will be carried out by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.