Meta-analysis can play a key role in planning new studies. It can help identify which questions have been answered and which remain to be answered, which outcome measures or populations are most likely to yield significant results, and which variants of the planned intervention are likely to be most powerful.

For the 2016-2017 funding cycle, the OMHF is seeking meta-analysis proposals (grantsfellowships and studentships) related to our key research priorities and to inform future calls for proposals. Researchers should ensure that their statement about the mental health relevance of their proposed research is clearly stated. The review committee still looks to the researchers to be as explicit as possible. They should consider the following platforms in making their case:

Open Minds, Healthy Minds:

  • Improve mental health and well-being of all Ontarians
  • Create healthy, resilient, inclusive communities
  • Identify mental health and addictions problems early and intervene
  • Provide timely, high quality, integrated, person-directed health and other human services

Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care:

  • Access - Providing the right care for mental health and addiction
  • Connect - Deliver better coordinated and integrated care in the community, closer to home
  • Inform - Expanding mental health programs in schools and workplaces
  • Protect - More public reports on health system performance, more innovative approaches based on evidence, expanding patient engagement