Required Reports for Grants 

Grant recipients must submit a brief Progress Report within 60 days of the end of each year of the award. In this report, you should note the progress made and the obstacles or barriers encountered in attaining the goals that you set out in your proposal.

Grant recipients must also submit a Final Report within 60 days of the end of the grant that describes the work done. This report should detail the attainment of the goals that you set out in your proposal, which the OMHF accepted for funding, as well as the plan to publish and circulate the results of the research. 

The OMHF may circulate the results of the work we support in various forums. So we ask that your reports be easily accessible to a reader who has scientific training and expertise but who may not be an expert in the report’s subject matter. The report should describe the major accomplishments of your research, and summarize the implications of the work in terms of advancing knowledge and improving mental health practice or policy development.

To submit your reports, login into your online OMHF account and click on the “Add new research results” button. You must also provide the OMHF with reprints of supported work (ideally, electronically) when it becomes available.

Please Note: An award recipient who has not submitted a satisfactory Progress Report and/or Final Report to the OMHF will be barred from future OMHF funding competitions. This bar will be lifted upon receipt of a satisfactory report(s).