Research Focus: Grants

Type A Grant

Type A Grants will not exceed $75,000 in any one year, for up to two years.

Applicants can request funds for up to two years, but the Ontario Mental Health Foundation will determine the actual grant period and specify it in the successful applicant's letter of notification. Even if you're continuing a line of work we've previously funded, your application for additional support beyond the notification period would be treated as a new application.

Individuals enrolled in a predoctoral training program are not eligible to apply for a Type A Grant.

Type B Grant

Type B Grants will also not exceed $75,000 in any one year, for up to four years.

If you are awarded a Type B Grant, you must submit a Progress Report to the OMHF for evaluation to secure the third and fourth years of funding. This report must contain the goals of the first two years of research, the progress achieved, the goals for the following two years, and a list of all activities related to knowledge transfer including publications (but don't append publications). We must receive this report by the September deadline that falls in the second year of the grant.