Funding Support & Principles

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation has provided over $34 million in grants, fellowships and studentships to support priority-driven mental health research in Ontario.

Each year, we issue a call for research proposals directed to Ontario-based mental health researchers. The proposals are peer-reviewed by a panel of experts, and the top applications are awarded funding. The panel includes individuals with expertise from psycho-social and biomedical areas. 

The OMHF adheres to the following principles:

1.     The grant application process will be, and should be perceived to be, equitable and accessible.

2.     The OMHF will actively encourage applications for research into a broad spectrum of important mental health issues.

3.     The OMHF will ensure that the grant review process allows fair and informed judgements concerning the broad spectrum of applications received.

4.     The OMHF will ensure that all research it funds is relevant to mental health and constitutes excellent research in a broad range of methodologies.

5.     The OMHF will facilitate the development of excellent researchers in a broad spectrum of methods, disciplines and mental health concerns.

6.     The OMHF will actively circulate, in plain language, the results of its funded research.

7.     The OMHF will be a leader in the coordination and development of funding and research partnerships and in the search for new ways of increasing the funds available for mental health research.

8.     The OMHF's decision-making processes will be based on the above principles and will be, and appear to be, free from conflict of interest and undue external influences.