Education Focus: Studentships, Events & Publications


These studentships are for a period of one, two or three years and up to $25,000 in each year.

Only individuals enrolled in a PhD program at Ontario universities during the award period are eligible to apply. Applicants must indicate the years of funding they are seeking; otherwise, their application will not be considered. Student researchers are eligible for one award in their lifetime.

Successful applicants are required to devote themselves to the studentship for the full period of the award. You are not permitted to hold a second award (such as a compensated clinical internship), but you may accept payment for teaching.

In the case of three-year studentships, funding approval will depend on a satisfactory Progress Report submitted to the OMHF by the specific deadline in the award's second year. The OMHF reserves the right to withdraw payments if no report is provided.


The Ontario Mental Health Foundation operates a modest program to support eventsThe maximum amount we award is $2,500.

We tend to favour applications for events in which the topics proposed are relevant to mental health and share the findings and application of research data, and in which there is a desire to maximize the audience who are invited to attend. 


The Ontario Mental Health Foundation may provide support for publicationsup to a maximum of $2,500.