Publication Funding

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation may support, up to a maximum of $2,500, the following:

  1. The publication of monographs to include material of a greater length than would ordinarily be accepted by a scientific journal.
  2. Publications devoted to broader themes than would usually be dealt with in monograph form (these might be, for example, multi-authored, edited volumes on wider issues of relevance to the objectives of the OMHF).
  3. The publication of material of a more general educational nature in the field of mental health (these might be, for example, publications that deal with sharing new principles or research discoveries, and that help to transfer these into practice). Various forms of publication will be considered, such as video tapes and lecture series.

From time to time, we invite the preparation of these kinds of publications, or others, that may further our objectives, but we don’t assist in publishing journals.


Charitable organizations, groups of investigators, or individuals are eligible to apply.

Applying for Funding

Please use our Application Form to submit your funding request. Your application can be received at any time; however, if you have set a publication date, we must receive your application a minimum of four months prior to this date. 

Your application must describe the proposed publication and, in the case of written material, include a sample of the text. It must also include an estimated budget. You are expected to show how your publication aligns with the objectives of the OMHF and its publication program.

Should there be profits from the sale of an OMHF-funded publication, that applicant will make arrangements to return any subsidy to The Ontario Mental Health Foundation.


All events must publicly recognize The Ontario Mental Health Foundation as a funder. OMHF logos will be made available to those who have been awarded funding.


All applications should be directed to the Program Officer.