Event Funding

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation operates a modest program to support events. The maximum amount we award is $2,500.

We tend to favour applications for events in which the topics align with our research priorities.

Four Research Key Priorities Identified

After a robust consultation process, recurring themes emerged that shaped these four key research priorities:

  1. Health Systems
  2. Caregiving
  3. Peer Support
  4. Meta-Analysis

Our goal is to ensure policymakers are the recipient of research outcomes. Event objectives must align with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Open Minds, Healthy Minds and Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care


Institutions (such as hospitals or universities), charitable organizations, groups of investigators or individuals are eligible to apply. Informal meetings of researchers to exchange data and research methods will also be eligible, as long as they are advertised in a way that students and interested workers in Ontario can attend. However, regular meetings of professional associations or annual meetings of institutions are not eligible for funding.

Applying for Funding

Please use our Application Form to submit your funding request.

Your application should outline the meeting's program, list the speakers if known, specify the audience expected, and include a budget based on projected attendance. 

Your application can be received at any time; however, if your proposed event has a set date, we must receive your application a minimum of four months prior to this date. 

The OMHF will review all applications internally. We will let you know if your funding request was granted, or granted with modification.  

A small sum is set aside to provide awards to applicants who come forward with plans for projects that don't fit into the OMHF programs. If that is the case with your application, you must show how your event will further the mission of the OMHF.


All events must publicly recognize the OMHF as a funder. The OMHF logos will be made available to those who have been awarded funding.

Supported Events

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation is proud to have supported:

The Bright Future Recovery Conference 

Hosted by Healthy Minds Canada

Toronto, August 19, 2016


All applications should be directed to the OMHF Program Officer.