Partnering - We Want Your Ideas

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation is the sixth leading mental health funder in Canada. We encourage and seek out opportunities to partner on mental health research initiatives. We've worked closely with sector leaders to develop our current priority-driven research agenda. We fund mental health research that will help our partners across the system address today's mental health care challenges.

For more than 50 years, we’ve funded researchers at Ontario universities, hospitals and research institutions who are focused on solving difficult research questions around complex mental issues. As the mental health landscape evolves, we look for and embrace innovative partnerships across the research spectrum to improve the mental health of the people of Ontario.

Seeking Partnerships

We want to partner with all types of innovators - whether you're a mental health service agency, health care provider, health care organization, business or researcher. If you have an innovative solution that you believe will improve the mental health of Ontarians, we want to hear from you. Alternately, if you have a health system problem that you believe requires research, tell us about it and we will explore it.

We Want to Hear from: Health Care Providers and Organizations

We will partner with mental health care providers and health care organizations to improve the lives of the people of Ontario. If you have a partnership opportunity that involves a transformational research idea, please contact the Executive Director

We Want to Hear from: Industry and Other Potential Partners

We will also partner with a broad range of innovators to solve mental health research questions. If you have a transformational solution that addresses Ontario's mental health care priorities, we are interested in hearing about how you believe OMHF's research program can help. We invite collaboration with all stakeholders, including the citizens of Ontario who have experience with mental illness issues, to leverage their valuable insight.