International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders

The OMHF, in keeping with its promotion of partnerships, is a founding member of the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders.

The Alliance's focus is the greater exchange of knowledge and collaboration within the mental health research sector to increase the impact of research funding. The Alliance tends to engage in "ecosystem"-type work, identifying and mapping major funders of mental health research and their strategies related to each other. It also encourages regular contact between Alliance members. Targeted initiatives such as reports and discussions help to identify projects well-suited to collaboration.

Established in 2009 under the then-name of SOS (Science of Science) Mental Health, the Alliance was a collaborative of four mental health research funders with administrative duties carried out by the Graham Boeckh Foundation. Since then, membership has grown significantly and now represents a diverse group of mental health organizations around the world.  


Latest Research Initiative: Project Ecosystem

The Alliance's initiative, Project Ecosystem, maps the global funding of mental health research from 2009 to 2014. Carried out by RAND Europe, the study examines the major funders, the kinds of research they support, and how their strategies relate to one another. It also considers areas of focus, challenges and opportunities that may shape the field in the coming years.

The study's main report, Mapping the global mental health research funding system, is accompanied by a set of 32 case studies of individual research funders and a set of six cross-cutting themes that had emerged. In Annex 1-Canada of the report, the study reported that The Ontario Mental Health Foundation is ranked as the sixth leading funder of mental health research in Canada and in the top 100 worldwide.