Citizens of Ontario - Get Involved

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation is committed to engaging with all stakeholders who are well-positioned to general mental health research projects with real-world applications that will benefit Ontarians.

We encourage Ontarians who have been directly or indirectly affected by mental illness or have a passion for mental health to contact us. Your personal knowledge of mental health issues is vital in shaping a relevant research agenda. 

Maybe you have the appropriate experience and would like to be part of the process in deciding which research proposals get funded and join our Medical Review Committees.

Maybe you'd like to join our Board of Directors. If so, please visit the Public Appointments Secretariat, which appoints our Board members as the OMHF is a special operating agency of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

Maybe you'd like to tell us your story and we can share it with others. 

Maybe you'd like to volunteer in our office.  We currently have an opening!  Please see the posting  on Charity Village at:

Or maybe you'd like to donate or help us to raise funds.