Who We Are

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation (OMHF), working to better the lives of Ontarians for over 50 years now, has developed a new Strategic Plan that focuses on funding priority-driven mental health research that will generate real-world applications.

We fund diverse research projects that cover the mental health across the life span of an individual. We build mental health research capacity in Ontario by nurturing and developing researchers, both established and emerging.

The Ontario Mental Health Foundation is well-connected to the mental health research community in not only Ontario and Canada but also the world. A 2015 Rand Europe study ranked the OMHF among the top 100 funders of mental health research worldwide and sixth leading funder in Canada. Over the last 10 years, for example, we supported 332 researchers with $34 million.

We're reaching out to a broad range of stakeholders in the mental health community, as well as members of government. We are taking this proactive approach to ensure that the projects we fund continue to respond to the varied and evolving mental health needs of Ontarians.

We are ramping up awareness of the far-reaching outcomes of OMHF-funded research not only to the mental health research community but also to the people of Ontario.

We are here to listen and respond to stakeholders and Ontarians who want to work with us to advance the mental health of all Ontarians.