Our New Strategic Plan at Work

We engage stakeholders to shape research and apply results. 

We bring in senior experts to sit on our review committees to ensure the applications we receive are ranked with fairness and integrity. These experts evaluate the funding applications for their scientific quality and relevance to mental health issues, especially those that are important to Ontario and can provide real-world applications.

We reach out to our stakeholders in the mental health community. They are well-positioned to help us identify research gaps, frame questions, and assess the relevance and applicability of proposed research.

We build Ontario’s capacity in mental health research.

Ontario’s excellent academic institutions attract and develop investigators with the skills and interest to conduct research into mental health issues, and we play a critical role in their retention. The OMHF has a long history of supporting early career investigators starting at the PhD level, helping them to establish a reputation in the province's research community. Many of our researchers go on to achieve research breakthroughs later in their careers.

We also help to foster and support collaborations within our research agenda. Academic institutions and investigators, for example, may want to collaborate with health care and mental health organizations, as well as people with lived experience. Community service providers, in turn, may want to provide input into mental health issues. We help to bridge these and other gaps.

We fund excellent mental health research.

The OMHF is a Canadian and international leader in funding excellent research in mental health. In 2015, we funded 49 investigators in mental health research (in psychotic, depressive and other disorders) through grants, fellowships and studentships. A panel of experts reviews all projects we fund for their relevance to mental health priorities in Ontario and their scientific excellence.

The need for mental health research in Ontario continues to grow. While some funders are focusing on a broad range of mental health research, from the medical to the practical, we are sharpening our focus on research that generates evidence-based interventions that can be applied to the real world.

We expand the OMHF’s fund development.

The OMHF continues to make the case to our primary funder, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, for funding mental health research in Ontario. We also intend to accelerate opportunities with donors and explore innovative partnerships with public and private sector organizations to benefit all Ontarians.

For more details, please read our full Strategic Plan